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Get Protection From Harmful Pests

Mice and Rats Control in Michigan

Why are Mice and Rats Pests?

Mice and rats are pests that can pose a health risk to humans. They can carry diseases as well as contaminate food. They also cause structural damage to buildings generally by gnawing on wires, pipes, insulation, furniture, etc. Above all they have a few biological adaptations that make them successful as pests. 

They are nocturnal animals, meaning they only come out at night when humans are asleep. Consequently, making it hard for people to notice their presence until the infestation is too big to be controlled by any other means than professional pest control services like Patriot Pest Control based in Jackson & Lansing, MI, as well as surrounding areas.

Mice and Rat Removal | Patriot Pest Control | Jackson & Lansing MI, and Surrounding Areas

Mice and Rats Removal Services

Rodents can enter your home through spaces as small as a dime. The best way to eliminate a rodent infestation is by preventing it altogether—storing food away from the floor, which is more challenging for rodents to find. Keep cardboard boxes off the floor so mice cannot chew them apart to make bedding. Seal any holes on the exterior of your home to prevent rodents from climbing in.

Get peace of mind knowing that you will have trusted and high-quality professionals submitting estimates for mice and rat removal. Pest Control professionals in our network have years of experience. You will be able to read our customer reviews while comparing estimates.

Get rid of Mice and Rats

Our Pest Control contractors tackle all projects, from big to small, and provide advice on mice and rat removal. We will help make the process easier by finding the right professionals for your project.

For Mice and Rats removal services in Michigan, contact us at (517) 740 5115. As the leading Jackson and surrounding area pest control company, we’re determined to provide the right services for your home or business.

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